Received Emergency Alert On Phone Today (17th August 2023) – Here’s What It means

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Have you Received An Emergency Alert On Your Phone Today? Don’t worry, it’s not a Scam or a money fraud. The Department of Telecommunication, Government of India, tested the emergency alert system by sending a test flash on several smartphones on 17th August 2023 at 1:35 PM.

DOT informed through Twitter that It is a sample Text message, and this message was part of testing an initiative to ensure enhanced public security during emergencies.

 All Indian Smart Phone Use heard a loud beep on their phones along with an ’emergency alert: severe’ flash.

इमरजेंसी अलर्ट : जो फ़ोन पर आया उसका क्या मतलब है |

यह भारत सरकार के दूरसंचार विभाग द्वारा सेल ब्रॉडकास्टिंग सिस्टम के माध्यम से भेजा गया एक नमूना परीक्षण सन्देश है | कृपया इस सन्देश पर ध्यान न दें क्योंकि इस पर आपकी ओर से किसी कार्रवाई की आवश्यकता नहीं है | यह सन्देश राष्ट्रीय आपदा प्रबंधन प्राधिकरण द्वारा कार्यवान्वित किये जा रहे अखिल भारतीय आपात अलर्ट सिस्टम को जांचने हेतु भेजा गया है | इस सिस्टम का उद्देश्य सार्वजानिक सुरक्षा बढ़ाना और आपात स्थिति के दौरान समय पर अलर्ट प्रदान करना है |

Today Text Message Received (What Does It Mean?)

“This is a SAMPLE TESTING MESSAGE sent through the Cell Broadcasting System by the Department of Telecommunication, Government of India. Please ignore this message, as no action is required from your end. This message has been sent to TEST Pan-India Emergency Alert System being implemented by National Disaster Management Authority. It aims to enhance public safety and provide timely alerts during emergencies”

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